portrait of Bev and Tim with their Harley


pen and ink

Fine line drawing from a photo using ball point pen. Varying the weight and length of the lines as well as the direction creates the textures and differentiates the darks from the lights. For portraits and any detailed drawings containing a fair amount of shading I like to use ball point pens for their versatility as compared to technical drawing pens (koh-i-noor rapidograph) that have one line weight, I find they are more suited to stippling or doing technical drawings which they were made for, although I have done many pieces using them, some of which are represented in this section of my web site. You will notice the difference by their almost clinical look, shading is done by either using different sized pens or by building up the thickness of each line or by stippling as mentioned before, which is a drawing comprised entirely of dots, the closer the dots the darker the area thereby creating shadows.