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Born on the web on 2/8/08 and still developing. contact us either by phone: 631 289-1960 or e-mail: bartsartny@aol.com.

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About the art:

I hope you enjoy my works as much as I do when I create them. Having drawn all my life, it is not until now that I am displaying my art to the public. As of yet this art has only been seen by a select few, whose insistent urgings have brought me to where I am now, making my images available for distribution. Some of what you will see has special meaning to me, but most is created to be interpreted by you, the viewer.

Whether you buy or simply look, I am sure you will find something that moves you. It is the intention of any artist to make someone pause and reflect on the image presented before them. 

These original prints are created using the Giclee printing process, only the finest acid free, smooth, fine art paper, and fade resistant inks available are used.

Your art is dry mounted on 1/8" standard mounting board and come ready to frame. They are then shipped UPS along with a certificate of authenticity.

In the case of canvas the art is stretched and protected with a glossy varnish and ready to frame.

Limited editions are kept at 150 per edition.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery,we are just starting out and need to coordinate your order with our print shop. As time goes by there will be additional pieces added to the site.

There is a thirty day return policy for full amount (excluding portraits) if you are not satisfied with the art. It must be returned unmarked and in the same shape it was when it left us. You incur the cost of packaging and shipping the return.

All art on this site is copyrighted and not to be used without written permission by the artist.

About the artist:

artist at work

Born on Long Island, art has surrounded Brian all his life. For years he worked solely in pen, ink and pencil, until delving into the world of color with oil paint. Growing up in the age of record album art and illustrated book covers, his imagination was well fed. Artist’s like Roger Dean, Frank Frazetta, M.C Echer and Salvator Dali helped pave a path for him to follow.

Working during the day, he attended evening art courses to learn and improve various techniques for use in his artwork. Viewing his work from fantasy art to portraits, nudes, animal paintings, as well as floral and landscape pieces, one can see that Brian proves his versatility as an artist. Living in Medford with his wife Bonnie and retired from his career job, he is now the owner of Bart’s Art and is devoting more time to painting and drawing.

Using a client’s photo he will create a personal, unique work of art that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Some of his pieces are strange and on the dark side but those are the ones you may look at the longest. He intends to continue adding his images to this site as they come to completion.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated and welcomed.                                 

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